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Virtua Drug research and development company is a rapidly growing, innovative operation aimed at offering solutions for high-quality molecular modeling for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical database management, and chemoinformatics. Virtua Drug integrates areas of expertise such as computer science, biology, and biochemistry thus facilitating the utilization of informatics with biochemical models to interpret experimental data, develop predictive models, and support biochemistry and medicine.

Virtua Drug Ltd offers various kinds of computer-aided biochemistry services, including the handling of computer-based research projects in order to explain and rationalize experimental data. Virtua Drug has extensive experience in applying methods such as molecular docking and molecular dynamics calculations, homology modelling, and ligand-protein docking.

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MOPAC2009 is a semiempirical quantum chemistry software package for the prediction of chemical properties and modeling of chemical reactions. It is used by chemists and biochemists for both research and teaching, and runs on Windows and Linux platforms. MOPAC2009 is a completely updated and rewritten version based on the public domain MOPAC 6 with many bug fixes and several major enhancements added, including the new PM6 method.

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Virtua Drug Ltd

4C Csalogany

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