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Last updated:  2021/11/13 (r306)

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Consulting Services

We at DocingServer strive constantly to broaden the spectrum of our services in order to better accommodate them to the needs of our clients. Our most recent development relates to offering solutions to enhance the expeditious utilization of your experimental results and facilitate their publication.

As professionals in the field of molecular docking and homology modeling, DocingServer offers state-of-the-art chemoinformatic tools and expertise to generate molecular models based on the data received. These models significantly enhance the efficiency of analysing and interpreting experimental results, moreover they facilitate prediction of protein structures not yet experimentally determined.

Further to designing chemical models, we are also prepared to assist you to publish/report the findings of your experiment in a scientific paper. Our level of contribution may be individually adapted and as DocingServer is a team of fully qualified scientists with substantial publication history, we are well prepared and willing to be named among the authors.

For further information and price quotes please contact us at

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